In an age where everyone is a creator—a writer, a photographer, a storyteller—the sheer volume of dreamy van content can get overwhelming. Prior to taking the plunge into van life myself, I found inspiration and much-needed information from those who had come before me—veteran van dwellers with a story and a message.

Below you’ll find my favorite van life Instagram accounts. Have another you’d recommend? Add your feedback in the comments below.

Foster Huntington (@fosterhuntington)

Credited as the creator of the Instagram #vanlife hashtag, Foster Huntington went from working for the man in a NYC-based design job to living in a van where he blogged, surfed, and made books. Now, he’s capturing life in a tree house, too.

James Barkman (@jamesbarkman)

With a thirst for “waves to surf, rocks to climb, mountains to shred, and trails to ride,” James Barkman has been calling the road home for several years. His feed feels classic and timeless—a digitial retreat into nomadic life’s alluring simplicity.

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A post shared by James Barkman (@jamesbarkman) on

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Callie McMullin (@calliemcmuffin)

Her feed isn’t all about vans per se, but rather it captures the stunning places life in a van can take you. Traveling between the desert, the Pacific Northwest, the redwoods and beyond, Callie’s feed will leave you yearning to get out there.

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Our Home on Wheels (@ourhomeonwheels)

Much more than one-off photos; Our Home on Wheels is an evolving story of a tight-knit family with two new additions: a newborn … and a new build.

Sasquatch The Bus (@sasquatchthebus)

On a quest to visit all 59 national parks, Sasquatch is a relatively new account with a thriving spirit of adventure. Find inspiration as you peruse the photographs of the ultimate bus-turned-camper adventure mobile.

New blog post about our favorite adventure vehicles. Tune in later this week for this weekends crazy adventure ????

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Mitch Cox (@mitch.cox)

An adventure photographer traveling down under, Mitch’s feed might feel like a glossy travel mag. Laced with vibrant landscapes and shots of his cozy camper, you’ll just keep you scrolling.

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Curated accounts: @vanlifediaries, @vanlifeexplorers, and @vanlifeideas

In addition to the individual van dwellers above, you’ll find some of the best inspiration through curated accounts that re-post awesome van content from throughout Instagram. And to find the ultimate mass of over 1m van photos, browse #vanlife.

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